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Writing Tips

  1. 7 Tips to make your writing more interesting
    – including the use of quotes, humour and different perspectives
  2. How To Write Compelling Blog Posts
    The art of attracting a readers attention
  3. The importance of your first Sentence
    Start as you mean to go on. Never waste the first sentence
  4. Creating Eye Catching Titles
    Titles need to be good to attract people’s attention
  5. Quality vs Quantity
    Getting the right balance between quantity and quality is important for a blogger
  6. Finding Topics to Write About
    Ideas for when you lack inspiration
  7. Top 10 Tips for gaining Inspiration to Write
    Ways to gain the inspiration to write.
  8. Basics of Writing for Blogs
    An article for beginners to blogging. This is the essence of what you need to know
  9. Essay Writing Tips
    For those having to write academic essays
  10. When to Use the Comma
    Always a useful skill to learn, look more professional
  11. How to Improve Your Writing Style

    A look at How to improve your writing style